The second article about flying saucers


The very first article introducing the seminal Kenneth Arnold’s sighting was published on the bottom front page of the “East Oregonian” on Wednesday June 25.

All of us know that and it is commonly accepted that the next articles about that sighting triggering the massive 1947 wave appeared the day after, on Thursday June 26.

Well, I just found another article about Arnold dated June 25, likely the second article (titled “Mystery airplanes Seen near Mt. Rainier”). It was published by another newspaper from Oregon, the Corvallis Gazette Times, using an Associated Press dispatch dated 25 from Pendleton. I guess this was an afternoon or evening edition, yet I found no written evidence of that in the newspaper itself.

Corvallis Gazette Times June 25, 1947
Corvallis Gazette Times June 25, 1947