1947: Hitler’s flying saucers

Nazi UFOs: legends of Hitler's flying saucers and UFOs
Since 1947 there were rumors about possible German flying saucers, something different than the later stories of nazi UFOs

Though the legends about the Nazi flying saucers began to get a pretty large press coverage in the early Spring of 1950, the concept was around since 1947 (see my long essay about the birth of the Nazi UFOs legends: http://it.wikiufo.org/index.php?title=UFO_Nazisti).

A new example of how a few people during the 1947 wave thought the Germans were behind the saucers was found recently.  A letter from one R.W. Stewart from Oakland (California) was published by the Oakland Tribune on July 20, 1947. The title of the letter was a great introduction to the topic: Hitler at work.

It is not clear to me if the man used an ironical background in writing the letter. For sure, he blended together the new wonderful and technologically advanced saucers with the fresh stories of Hitler’s escape to Argentina.

He wrote:

[…] If there are any such things, my guess is that they are of the nature of scientifically perfected boomerangs coming from Hitler and his gang hidden away in sacred secrecy in Argentina in the large and wealthy Germany colony known to exist there. from what the Germans did with pockets in the last war, we can expect most any kind of development from those same scientists that no doubt came away with Hitler on those last three submarines which were so long getting over here.A boomerang launched at the speed of a rocket (3600 miles per hour), would go a long way and return. these are only trial flights there are making now. […]